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The Vox Underground

I’m not a musician, nor do I play one on TV. I’m a tinkerer at best, designing musical tracks rather than really playing them. The why? Simple. When it comes to adding music to animations and podcasts, sampling tracks from commercial CDs is never a good idea (copyright and all that) while free stuff lying about the Internet generally doesn’t cut it, or has been cribbed from somewhere else (copyright and all that.) Bottom line: from time-to-time I need to generate my own soundtracks, bumper music, intros and outros. This is some of the stuff I’ve cobbled together using various music production apps and some real instruments. Not exactly Grammy material but maybe worth a listen. Like everything I do, this project needed a brand, a logo and some design. That’s scattered throughout.

Track 1: Upbeat track featuring a range of synthesizers, drum machines and verbal samples. Originally developed as a background track for our podcast series but ditched for a more thematic track.

Run Time: 04:32 File size: 5.39 MB

Track 2: The track that I’m most proud out. Acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard and synths without any clips or canned samples. This is all me. Originally scored for a lengthy animation but the atmospheric vibe didn’t really lend itself to an up-beat visual presentation.

Run Time: 06:00 File size: 5 MB

Track 3: Funky little track features some Asian instrumentation, live drums, keyboards and a few home-made samples pinched from the TV. This was used as the soundtrack theme music for the studio’s first portfolio video.

Run Time: 05:09 File size: 5 MB

Track 4: Rejected podcast soundtrack mixes a range of different clips, music and vocal samples, loops and sequencers into funky little track. Assembled in Live! timeline and recorded as real time triggers.

Run Time: 03:34 File size: 5 MB

Track 5: This was originally scored as the bumper music for our studio podcasts. Latin themed background music that was designed to ‘fit’ with the overall Logopalooza brand, theme and atmosphere. Then I went and changed the fucking name. Again.

Run Time: 02:34 File size: 2.32 MB

Track 6: One of our first recordings. A fairly raucous track (probably better to turn the sound system down a bit). Contains samples, drum computers, live keyboards and guitar.

Run Time: 04:24 File size: 4 MB

Track 7: A dark and moody track featuring synthesizers, a couple of sequencers, various drum machines and choir sample. Vocal samples taken from an answering machine death threat. Yes, I tuned an actual, real death threat into a bouncy party mix because why not?

Note: Adult language. Not safe for work.
Run Time: 04:20 File size: 4 MB

My Gear.

All compositions were created using Reason sequencers, Ableton’s Live! mixing and Cubase. The operating system is an old Apple G5 running OS X 10.6. Keyboards by Korg. Audio interface by Audiophile. Guitars by Gibson. Tracks and compositions on this page are copyright Steve Douglas and made available for personal use only. All other rights reserved.

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