It’s always nice when a design project works out for the client and designer alike. Lend me your eyes for a few minutes and let me brag about a recent gig that did just that.

Not many people realize this, but designers often don’t see the end result of their work when it begins to show up in the wild. Oh sure, the clients promise to send pictures or examples, but they get busy – some artwork doesn’t get employed for many months after delivery – and many times, after sending our finalized work into the ether, we never hear about it again (unless there’s a typo or other cock-up and then we most certainly do. PDQ too.) Anyhoo, a few weeks ago, I wrote a fairly in-depth case study on distressing a vintage style logo – in that case, a lion-themed design for Mixed Marital Arts Fitness Academy – a Canadian based martial arts & fitness organization. You can click on the link if you like, but here’s a reminder of what the final artwork looked like:logo-distressed-effect-white-backgroundNot much to look at really – the design is built to sit on top of a dark T-shirt, the shirt itself becoming one of the colours in the design. Anyhoo, just received an email from Stephane D’Amour, owner of MMAFA, right from the T-shirt printer’s production floor, with an attached image of the first shirt as it came literally hot off the silk-screen press:distressed-logo-tshirtOkay, that’s not too bad. Not bad at all (if I do say so myself, which I most certainly do.) The design looks nice and vintage, the distressed effect turned out just as we wanted (and will turn out exactly how you want if you follow the little tutorial about creating this art.) The most important thing here though, is that Stephane is delighted with how everything ended up – exactly and precisely how he I and discussed back in August – and a happy client is worth their lean, muscular weight in Gold. A win-win conclusion to this and we can safely add this project to our happy client files for future reference.

Just try and avoid the pissed off client files on yer way there.