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Brand Identity Design

Your company brand is more than just a logo. Much more. But a great logo is a great place to start. See what I’ve created for other startups just like yours.

Identity Consulting

With 35 years experience in design, marketing & idea development, I should be able to help you build your brand. From web presence to social media.

The Idea Blog

My digital notebook. Doodlings, ideas & think pieces. Full of interesting stuff, my infrequently updated blog features musings, case studies and tips you can use.

Current Work in Progress Gigs

Design, branding or other projects I’m presently working on. Probably right now even.

Power Colors

Power Colors (or Colours if you’re from Canada) is a soup-to-nuts color system for brand development. Breaking down color palettes from their psychology components to scientific color schemes based on sound color theory.

Getting My Company On The Web

My Company on the Web

A project with a name so long, I have to use an acronym (that still doesn’t make any sense.) Getting My Company On The Web is an in-progress manual on how the average startup or business owner can take their brand online.

Ultimate Guide To Great Logos

Guide To Great Logos 2.0

Version 2 of The Guide To Great Logos – originally released as a ebook back in 2008 and available through TLF. Branding & identity marketing has changed dramatically since those days, so an updated version is in order.

The Logo Mechanics

Logo Mechanics

Even in this age of DIY collateral branding and marketing, there’s still a lot of misconceptions about logo and identity files that come into play. Many startups & entrepreneurs are routinely frustrated about which format goes where.

The Logo Design Network

The Logo Design Network

An ongoing project that was created to utilize a premium domain that I’ve owned for 16 years and never figured out a use for it. The goal of the site is in the name – a curated resource of news, views, opinions and advice. Yes, that’s a fingerprint in the logo.

The Logo Studio

The Logo Studio

A resource for designers, amalgamating 30 years of professional industry experience into practical design, marketing and business advice. Some notable events and hilarious back stories about being a logo designer battling in the trenches.

Newly Released Stuff

Projects and ideas that have been put to bed, released into the wild, whatever.

The Logo Factory Canada

Like the tale of the shoemaker’s kids, the Canadian version of our core site was always a half-finished, dysfunctional work in progress. A project we’d get to sometime once client gigs had settled down, or we’d finished our site proper.

Ultimate Typography Guide

With the dizzyingly endless array of typefaces and fonts available in today’s design landscape, deciding which to employ in your brand identity can be a daunting choice. It’s almost like someone should write a guide. An ultimate one. So I did.

Design Contest Explainer

Design Contest Explainer

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of so-called design contests (they’re not really contests at all), particularly those involving logos and brand identity. They’re here to stay so here’s an extensive look at design contests, the rewards and very real perils.

Talk To Me About:

I’ve been a professional designer for all of my adult life, but began to truly specialize in logo design and brand identity development about 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve been the creative director at The Logo Factory, a web-centric design studio that’s developed thousands of logos and brand identities for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs around the globe.

With the advent of social media and embrace of the Internet, it’s no longer just about logos anymore but adaptable brand systems that can be employed on an ever widening media landscape. That requires a little more tinkering and think time than designing a standalone logo.

Gone are the days when you could slap together a few pages of HTML code, throw them up on a server and wait for the world to come knocking. In today’s modern Internet environment, your website needs to be flexible and responsive – adaptable to viewing on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Social media is critical to any new startup or small business and it’s vital to have a well planned strategy to maximum user engagement and response.

It is in the digital landscape where your entire brand system comes together – logos, taglines, graphics – but only possible if your identity is planned from the ground up, and from the first concept sketches through to completed deliverables.

Kind Words

What some people have to say after working with yours truly.

“Steve provides a very professional service. He was a great partner in our rebranding process providing great advice and a range of logos until we settled on the final design. Flexible, responsive, great value and first class design. Highly recommended…”

John Kelly

Customer Link

“We were rebranding and after receiving our finished logo felt compelled to let others know of the great service we received. Steve was extremely patient and was able to accommodate all of our requests. We are thrilled with our final logo and would highly recommend!”

Christina Gagne

Kindred Spirits

“Steve was a great find and a huge help in creating a logo for my business and getting it back to me really quick. He created the logo, my business cards and letterhead too. He was a pleasure to work with and if I ever need another logo made I know right where to turn!”

Kevin McCann

Vinyl Freaks

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